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The inspiration towards the establishment of the archive arises from the difficulty of the Library in acquiring exhibition materials due to their unavailability or incompleteness within the University collection. At the time, the Library would have to borrow and make copies of the borrowed items in the effort to successfully hold the FAFUEMAS exhibition. The materials collected for that exhibition, which comes in various formats became the keystone of the Universiti Malaya Archive collection.

At the beginning of the compilation, materials were housed at the Bahagian Koleksi Kebangsaan di Perpustakaan Utama. Prior to that, other archived materials within the Library’s collection, such as the Universiti Malaya Annual Reports were classified with the Call Number LG on the shelves. These materials were then placed under a special collection. However, the Library later found that the archived materials had mixed together with the Official Publication Collection and needed to be separated.

In the 1990s, the Universiti Malaya Archived Collection was established at the Za’ba Memorial Library. The Collection includes printed and non-printed materials related to the Universiti Malaya in various formats.

Beginning 1st July 2014, the Archive Unit was established at the Za’ba Memorial Library to collocate the University archive collection.

UM Archive Policy

The Universiti Malaya Archive Policy is a document provided to ensure records having values or history related to the University are kept remain for reference, learning, teaching and research purposes . Available in Bahasa Malaysia Only.


PRINTED UM publications such as University News, annual reports, University calendars, journals, magazines, newsletters, UM Publisher publications, academic staff handbooks, meeting minutes, and examination papers.
DIGITAL Consists of materials such as theses and dissertations produced by students and staff of the Universiti Malaya, project papers, and audio visual materials.
PHOTOS Retains the University’s photographic nostalgia as early as the Universiti Malaya in Singapore.
AWARDS Brings together the awards given to the Universiti Malaya in recognition and the collection of prizes obtained by the Universiti Malaya.
COSTUMES Collection of Universiti Malaya official dresses such as University corporate clothing.
  1. UM Research Repository: is an open access digital archive containing research information published or unpublished by Universiti Malaya researchers. The repository was developed for the convenience of  academic staff and researchers who self-deposited research that has been developed for shared partnerships.
  2. Students’ Repository: provides a digital archive of scholarly exercises, dissertations and theses produced by students and staff of the Universiti Malaya.
  3. Common Repository: other official UM publications.
  4. UM Memory: photos collection

The Team

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Noorsuzila  Mohamad

Senior Librarian noorsuzila@um.edu.my +60379673922

Siti Mawarni Salim

Senior Librarian sitimawarni@um.edu.my +60379673921
3. Mohd Safri Tahir Librarian Assistant  mohdsafri@um.edu.my +60379673857
4. Azrifirdaus Ahmad Zabidi Librarian Assistant azri8184@um.edu.my  +60379676514

Last Update: 10/04/2023