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What Can We Do For You

Your liaison librarian are here to help you. Feel free to make an appointment with us.

  • Group or classroom instruction
  • Individual consultations
  • Research Support
  • Database searching assistance and instruction

If you have a need or concern, please let us know. We will make sure that you receive the right recommendation and input!

The Team

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Academy/Faculti/Centre Librarian Email Phone. No Profile Image
Academy of Islamic Studies Rohaizah Jaafar  izah@um.edu.my +60379676116
Juhaida Abd Rahim juhaida@um.edu.my +60379677744
Academy of Malay Studies Haslan Tamjehi haslan@um.edu.my +60379677285
Haslina Husain  hhaslina@um.edu.my +60379677782
Centre for Foundation Studies Ulya Sujak ulya@um.edu.my +60379677782
Nurul Hasni Abu Hassan nurulhasni@um.edu.my +60379673294
Faculty of Sports & Exercise Sciences Mohammed Zaki Abd Rahman mzaki@um.edu.my +60379676583
Amir Hamzah Alias (from April 2024)  amirhamzah@um.edu.my  NIL
Department of Chinese Studies Low Li Qin lowliqin@um.edu.my​ +60379673298
Department of Indian Studies Vijayalatchumy Maruthaveeran (Study Leave) viijay@um.edu.my +60379673817
Faculty of Art & Social Sciences Zaharani Aiyub zaharaha@um.edu.my +60379673919
Siti Mawarni Salim sitimawarni@um.edu.my +60379673921
Faculty of Built Environment
Muhamad Faizal Aziz mfaizal@um.edu.my +60379675259
Hanani Fauzi hananif@um.edu.my +60379673919
Faculty of Business & Economics Noraslinda Sanusi linda@um.edu.my  +60379677097
Azrizal Ismail azrizal@um.edu.my +60379677097
Faculty of Comp. Science and Information Technology Norishah Abdul Rahman norishah_ar@um.edu.my +60379673384
Ilina Syazwani Musa ilina@um.edu.my +60379673296
Faculty of Creative Arts Lisdar Abd Wahid lisdar@um.edu.my  +60379677003
Aruna JE Thambidorai aruna@um.edu.my +60379673357
Faculty of Dentistry Mohamad Rizar Mosbah rizar@um.edu.my +60379674961
Nik Nur Asilah Nik Shamsuddin nnans@um.edu.my +60379677743
Faculty of Education Dr.Mohd Faizal Hamzah faizal586@um.edu.my +60379675018
Annur Thahirah Abdul Hadi annurhadi@um.edu.my +60379673302
Faculty of Engineering Muhamad Faizal Aziz mfaizal@um.edu.my +60379675259
Fairuz Nawwar Mansor fairuznawwar@um.edu.my +60379677782
Faculty of Languages & Linguistics Dr.Mohd Faizal Hamzah faizal586@um.edu.my +60379675018
Siti Norfateha Azwa Adnan norfateha@um.edu.my +60379673296
Faculty of Law Adida Mohd Amin adida@um.edu.my +60379676515
Haniza Adnan ahaniza@um.edu.my +60379673382
Faculty of Medicine Dr. Ranita Hisham ranita@um.edu.my +60379674947
Noorsuzila Mohamad noorsuzila@um.edu.my +60379673922
Nuratiqahnadzira Abdul Rani nuratiqah.ar@um.edu.my +60379677003
Faculty of Pharmacy Norazlina Dol @ Othman azliena@um.edu.my +60379674782
Siti Juryiah Mohd Khalid sitijuryiah@um.edu.my +60379673357
Faculty of Science Sabariah Basir sabariah_02@um.edu.my +60379673294
Noor Hasanah Mohd Hanafi mnoorhasanah@um.edu.my +60379673357

Last Update: 25/04/2024