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Open Stack / General Collection

The open stack collection consists of textbooks and monographs of various subjects acquired to support learning, teaching and research needs of the University. All academic staff, students and valid registered members of the Library are allowed to borrow from this collection.

Theses And Dissertations

The collection consists of theses and dissertations of postgraduate students of the Universiti Malaya and also selected titles from the National University of Singapore. This is a closed access collection.

Reference Collection

Reference sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories and resource guides to research are available.

Academic Reserve Collection

Academic Reserve Collection consists of text book, suggested by lecturer for their students.

Free Range Reading Collection

This collection contains popular fiction and non-fiction books to browse and borrow. Light novels and reading collection such as motivational, biography, poetry collections, young adult fiction, humour, popular science writing, and much more written in English or Malay language.


UML subscribes to most of the core journals in various subject areas. Back issues (bound journals) are kept in the library.

Electronic Resources

The Library subscribes to major electronic databases in various subject areas. These electronic databases include e-journals, e-books and citation indexes. It can be accessed via A-Z Online Databases

Audio & Video Collection

The Universiti Malaya Library has a collection of media to support research and teaching and learning. Among the collections in the media unit are VHs, CDs, black plates, blu-rays. There is a collection that can only be used in the library using the equipment provided. In addition, non-academic materials such as movies can be borrowed according to loan eligibility


eBooks and eBook readers are popular in developed countries. The delivery cost of good quality books using Amazon Kindles are notably quicker and at lesser cost.

The Universiti Malaya Library is offering its users the opportunity to sample this increasingly popular technology. UM Library Kindles are preloaded with Bestsellers, Popular, Motivational and Inspirational titles and more. Current library students and staff are eligible to borrow a Kindle for two weeks


The Malay manuscripts in the library are in the form of Jawi script. In total, the Library has acquired and preserved 326 Malay manuscripts. In addition to Malay manuscripts, there are also a manuscripts written about the Pali Buddhist scriptures from Burma, religious rituals in Bali and traditional medicine of the Batak people.

Microfiche & Microfilm

This collection contains articles, books, research syntheses, conference papers and technical reports, newspapers in microfiche & microfilm format. The collection available at the Central Library.

Measured Drawing

A collection of architectural drawing of an existing building, object, site, structure, or detail thereof; accurately drawn to scale on the basis of field measurements.

Last Update: 22/04/2022