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Equal opportunity in information access and information resources is one of the major concerns of the Library  to provide good services to University of Malaya residences. Throughout the year,  the Library has improved several facilities for special disabled users (SDU) to make sure they can use library to access information. Fasilities are provided at Central Library

Using the Collection

SDU can borrow up to 20 items at one time. The ordinary loan books may be borrowed up to 30 days. We provide service to get the books from shelves upon request. A part from that,  SDU can borrow out theses and dissertation. 

Reserved Carrel

There are more than 30 carrels for SDU  to use for the whole of their study in UM. Basic facilities are provided in the carrel such as table, chair, electrical connector and free wifi.

Braille Lift

The Library is committed to making sure that the lift is accessible for both SDU (Physically handicapped and visually impaired) by upgrading the lift with Braille buttons. The automatic voice system for each floor helps SDU especially visual impaired to identify which level they wanted to go.

Computer Lab S

A special lab is provided for SDU to access the internet in library. This facility is free and easy to be accessed by both physically handicapped and visually impaired users because the location of the computer lab is at level 1 at Central Library. The Library has provided braille embosser for visually impaired users to use it.

In addition to that, computers in Lab S include Jaws software. Jaws software is a special software use by visual impaired users to access the computer. The Library also has trained selected librarians on how to utilize the software. SDU can bring their laptop or tablets to use in this lab. Librarians also use this lab to teach Information Skill classes for SDU undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Access to the library - Track and Ramp

Currently there is a ramp for wheel chair user to enter the library. There is also a guide block from 7th college to Central Library. Most of the special disabled students are staying at 7th college. This guide block helps SDU especially those who visually impaired students. 

Accessible Toilet

Accessible toilet are designed at Central Library to accommodate users with physical disabilities

Volunteer Reader

We invited you to be a volunteer reader for SDU to encourage reading habit and give a chance to the blind person to enjoy the library services. For those who interested, you may contact :

En. Muhammad Firdaus Abu Hassan
Phone No : 03-79673430
Email : firdaus_hassan@um.edu.my

Special Parking

There are 2 special parking facility provided for SDU. Access card will be given upon request.


Amir Hamzah Alias

Position: Senior Librarian
E-mail: amirhamzah@um.edu.my
Phone.No: +60379673357

Need Help?

You may contact Ms. Aruna for carrel registration, retrieving books from shelves or any enquiries related to special disabled users.

Last Update: 07/05/2024