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Learn how to find, evaluate, and use sources to support your research by developing your information literacy skills.Information is available in many formats, mediums, and versions. Researchers need to have information skills to enable them to exploit the wide range of resources available and to retrieve, evaluate, and use that information effectively.This three-week course from Universiti Malaya will empower you with the information literacy skills you need to become a better and more effective researcher.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completing this course, participants will emerge with enhanced information literacy skills, equipping them to navigate the intricate digital landscape.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to assess the credibility, reliability, and relevance of information sources
  • Understand the principles of academic integrity, including proper citation and avoiding plagiarism
  • Foster a mindset of continuous learning, encouraging researchers to stay updated on new information, tools, and methodologies throughout their careers

Course Content

  • Introduction to Information Literacy (13 steps)        
  • Digital Literacy (11 steps)        
  • Scholarly Publication and Research Visibility (14 steps)        
  • Research Ethics and Plagiarism (13 steps)        
  • Citation and Referencing (11 steps)

Meet the Educators

The educators are librarians at the Universiti Malaya Library with various educational backgrounds. This course has been developed based on the information literacy course and upgraded to suit the needs of the public that comes from a variety of backgrounds, such as librarians, researchers, information science lecturers, or students.

This course will teach individuals the skills and knowledge necessary to locate, evaluate, use, and communicate information effectively and responsibly. We encourage you to actively participate, ask questions, and share your insights throughout the course. The collaborative environment we foster will enable you to benefit from the collective wisdom and experiences of your fellow participants, creating a vibrant learning community.

Mohd Faizal Hamzah (Dr.)
Doc.Of Philosophy (Info.Mgt) (UiTM), MLIS (UiTM),B.Sc Information Studies (UiTM)
Email: faizal586@um.edu.my
Amir Hamzah Alias
Ranita Hisham (Dr.)
PhD Family Medicine (UM),MLIS (UiTM), B.Sc (Hons) Information Studies (UiTM)
Zanaria Saupi Udin

MLIS (UM),B.Humanities (Deakin)


Noor Hasanah Mohd Hanafi
MLIS (Uitm), B.Sc Information Studies (UiTM), Dip.Lib(UiTM)

Email: mnoorhasanah@um.edu.my
Amir Hamzah Alias
Norazlina Dol
Master of Educational Management (UM), B.Sc Information Studies (UiTM)
Email: azliena@um.edu.my
Hanani Fauzi
MLIS (UM), B.Sc Information Studies (UiTM)

Email: hananif@um.edu.my
Juhaida Abd Rahim
MLIS (UIAM), B.Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Heritage (UIAM)
Amir Hamzah Alias
Sabariah Basir
MLIS (IIUM),B.Sc (Ecology)(Malaya)

Siti Norfateha Azwa Adnan
MLIS (UiTM), B.Sc Library & Information Management( UiTM)
Email: norfateha@um.edu.my

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