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With Knowledge We Lead


Read@UM or previously known as Read@Uni is a reading campaign initiative for all Malaysia universities organized by Education Ministry of Malaysia. The main objective of the program is to make reading habit particularly among the university students increase in percentage by the year 2020.

Speed Reading Workshop

Facilitated by Mr Azlan Chulan, the workshop was attended by over thirty participants. Overall. Majority said the session has improved their reading speed tremendously.

Feel it , Read about it & Enjoy!

Exhibition on Malay Traditional games during Libary Open Day held on 2nd October until 3rd October 2019. The exhibition displayed information about types of games, direction on how to play the games and the history.

Book Club

Book club is one of the initiatives spearheaded by the University of Malaya Library (PUM) towards Read@UNI. The facilities provided for the book club are:

  • 100 title book proposed by club.
  • Increase the number and duration of the loan only for members of the club.
  • Increase the number and duration of the loan only for members of the club.
  • Reading space on all UM libraries network
  • Library to host the activities of the club

Sharing Session : 'Buruj di Alam Melayu'

“Buruj di Alam Melayu” is sharing the results of research conducted by Nurul Fatini Jaafar. The interesting thing that is shared is that the constellations that constituted the constellation are either localized by ethnicity or by socio-economic activity of the local population. The orion constellation, for example, is described as a cult for ethnic groups conducting riotous activities. The same constellations among the different races are described as the stars of the kittens because they are now considered to be the birth seasons. Overall based on this partnership, the constellation or constellation plays a very important role for some ethnic groups. This constellation guides them in determining the right time for them to carry out socio-economic activities.




Caricature competition in conjuction with the UM Library 2019 Client’s Day on 24-30th September 2019



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