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Revitalizing the library for the nation : proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society held on 18-19 April 2019 at Hatten Hotel, Melaka


Baby Massage in Indonesia: A Case Study of the Knowledge Acquisition, Transfer and Preservation

Eka Ni'matussholikhah and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Bataviaasch Genootschap Collection as Institutional Memories of National Museum of Indonesia

Ilma Avitrianti and Tamara Adriani Salim


Best Practices on User Driven Services: Experience of Dar al-Hikmah Library’s Maintenance of Legal Resources

Irni Izwah Abu Bakar and Yusrina Abu Bakar


Betawi Collection for Indigenous Knowledge Preservation in the DKI Jakarta Provincial Public Library

Weni Meilita and Tamara Adriani Salim


Conforming Collections: Compliance of Medical and Allied Health Collection to Doody’s Core Titles

Efren M. Torres, Jr., Raquel P. Samar, Marlon G. Gado and Zipporah M. Dery


Data Sharing: Knotty Among Scholars in Nigeria

Khalid Ayuba Abdullahi and Noorhidawati, A


Disciplinary Differences in Publication and Citation Advantage of Open Access Journals in Scopus

Mohammadamin Erfanmanesh


Empirical Evidence of the Practice of Institutional Repository in Nigeria

Usman Ahmed Adam and Kiran Kaur


Ethno Medicine and Medicinal Plants Research of Bali Aga Ethnic Group in Bali Province as an Indigenous Knowledge Preservation Effort

Sri Lestari and Tamara Adriani Salim


Factors That Influence Information Seeking Practices Via Social Media: A Study of Women Entrepreneurs

Nurul Afiqah, M.E.S. and Noorhidawati, A.


Gender divergence in two Indian LIS Journals: A Bibliometric study

Vinay R S, Sampath Kumar B T, Mallinath Kumbar


Implementation of the LiveChat Service: A Case Study at the University Of Malaya Library

Norida Abu Bakar, Illina Syazwani Musa, Annur Thahirah Abdul Hadi, Mahbob Yusof and Mohd Farid Wan Mohd Zin


Indonesia calling, preserving Indonesia’s collective memory through a documentary film

Muhamad Idris Marbawi and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Indonesian Librarian’s Enthusiasm and its Role in the Collection of Manuscript Development

NIndria Sari Susanti and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Information Literacy Competence in Connection with Religiosity to Maintain Social Cohesion among Santri of Ali Maksum Islamic Boarding School, Krapyak Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Nurdin, Djazim Rohmadi, Anis Masruri, and Arina Faila Saufa


Is it enough to build? : Users’ Awareness and Utilization of AEA-IRC Learning Commons

Mary Ann D. Estudillo, Mary Ann J. Salvador, Ludivina A. Cambay, Arlene R. Manzo


Islamic finance taxonomy development: the INCEIF KMC’s experience

Noreen Natasha Azmee, Nur Azlina Zorollah, Mohd Lutfi Mohd Khairuddin and Mohd Hanif Abdul Malek


“Library 4 You Program”: shaping and revitalizing relationships between patron and library

Suzila Mohamad Kasim, Rusniah Sayuti, Azana Abd Hadi, Aznizultina Md Nazar, and Samsul Farid Samsuddin


Partnership of University Museums and Academic Libraries for Improvement of Islamic Studies Access Quality

Pungki Purnomo


Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge Activities:A Case Study on “Jamu Gendong”Kiringan Village,Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Nihayati and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge in the Production of Natural Batik Colours in Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Fidan Safira and Tamara Adriani Salim


Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge of Pencak Silat in Indonesia

Dwi Sari Rachmawati and Tamara Adriani Salim


Preservation of indigenous knowledge transfer in oral tradition of Seloko Adat Jambi

Rts. Tiara Hilda Safitri and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Preserving Knowledge of Reading Ambassador for the Sustainability Enhancement of Reading Habit in Indonesia

Endy Santoso and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Preserving Library Binding Knowledge in National Library of Indonesia

Imam Supangat and Tamara Adriani Salim


Preserving Local Wisdom for Disaster Risk Reduction in West Sumatera: the Role of Library in Managing Indigenous Knowledge

Desli Yenita and Tamara Adriani Salim


Relational analysis of the usability features of the university library websites

Tella, Adeyinka


Role of Tacit Knowledge in Library Material Organization: Case Study on Librarians at Library Material Organization Division of National Library of Indonesia

Adhitya Pradana, Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim and Destiya P. Prabowo


Role of the Academic Library in the Overall Accreditation Process: A Case from University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Nadia Masoud


Tacit Knowledge Preservation: Case Study Param as a Traditional Medicine in Indonesia

Fajar Syuman Permana and Tamara Adriani Salim


Tasyakuran Laut or Sadran, the Preservation and Transfer of Indigenous Knowledge in the Fishermen Community in Bluru Kidul Village

Syah Irza Raya and Tamara Adriani Salim


The Green Library Initiative at Universiti Putra Malaysia

Muzaffar Shah Kassim, Azizah Zainal Abidin, Azwana Ab Rahman, Mohd Dasuki Sahak and Tengku Nor Fazwani Engku Mud


The Transfer of Indigenous Knowledge on the Pecinan Traditional House among Generations in Indonesia

Christinia Minarso and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


The use of school libraries in selected secondary schools in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

Akanbi Mohammed Lawal, Bashorun Musediq Tunji and Olayinka Abdullahi Rasaq


The Way of Preserving Ondel Ondel Betawi: A Cultural Icon that Becomes a Street Icon

Delia Kusuma and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Towards an informed library decision making using EvidenceBased Librarianship (EBL) practice: incorporation of User Needs and Preferences

A’dillah Mustafa and Noorhidawati Abdullah


Towards an ontology model for Malay Manuscripts

M.N. Zahila, A. Noorhidawati, M.K. Yanti Idaya Aspura


User satisfaction survey: A case study of library users of Saint Louis University Libraries, Baguio City, Philippines

Leonila C. Reyes


User satisfaction with information searching and library services among medical professional in Malaysia

Nurul Azurah Mohd Roni, Hasliza Ali, Wan Emilin Wan Mat Alli, Engku Razifah Engku Chik and Siti Azrin Abdul Hamid


What Made Us to the World’s Top 50 Universities for Library & Information Management?

Noorhidawati A., Nordiana A.K.S., Yanti Idaya Aspura M.K. and Abrizah A.


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