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The Great Ming Dynasty Ceramics Exhibiton

Jan 28, 2022
09.00 AM - 04.00 PM
Museum of Asian Art, Universiti Malaya

Venue : Museum of Asian Art, Universiti Malaya

The exhibition consists of 299 pieces of ceramics which are examples of the finest ancient Chinese Ceramics and are on loan from Mr. KT Choi. These ceramic pieces are private collections of Mr. KT Choi and family for more than 100 years, covering three generations starting from Mr. KT Choi's grandfather. A majority of the pieces were acquired from the renowned Art Dealer, C.T Loo (1880-1957).

The Ming Dynasty, which spanned nearly 300 years (1368-1644), is regarded as one of the most glorious in Chinese history and denotes the finest and most precious ceramics. Amongst the blue and white ceramics displayed in this exhibition, many items were specially ordered by the Xuande Emperor as a tribute to Admiral Zheng He. There are pieces decorated with Sanskrit inscriptions, the Chenghua Jar with the "Tian" seal and the "Snowflake-Blue" (Xue Hua Lan) Ceramics which are some of the finest ceramics during the Ming Dynasty.

Texts and photographs of the each piece offers to tell the notable characteristics apart from the aesthetics. The magnification photos of 50 to 500 times of each of the ceramics indicates the ceramics' aging spots and glaze level changes over 600 years. In addition, there are also selected pieces of Tang Dynasty pottery and Yuan Dynasty ceramics exhibited here, which are meant as an introduction or precursor for future exhibitions.

The philosophy and objective of this exhibition is to create awareness and interest amongst members of the public as well as ardent collectors. More importantly, these Chinese Ceramics is to educate Art academics and societies for further research and understanding.