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UM Past Examination Papers

Introduction | Restricted Access | The Link |

  1. Introduction

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    Past exams are mostly available online in PDF (Portable Document Format) or in a print format in the Reference Hall at the Central Library.

    To view exam papers you will require Acrobat Reader

  2. Restricted Access

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    Only registered students and staff can view and download the copies of past examination papers.

    * Not available are:-

    1. Multiple Choice Questions Papers;
    2. Due to directive from Departments;
    3. Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry;
    4. Professional exam papers from the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Law

  3. The Link


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    You need to login to the interaktif Library Portal to access the exam papers.

    Link to Exam Papers on interaktif Portal

    Past exam papers can be accessed through the UM Past Exam Papers link on the Portal HOME page.

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