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Repositori dan Arkib Digital
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Digital @UM

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Digital @UMRepositori dan Arkib Digital


  1. University of Malaya Research Repository

    University of Malaya Research Repository

  2. UM Memory

    UM Memory

  3. Keratan Akhbar - UM dalam berita

    Keratan Akhbar - Universiti Malaya dalam berita

  4. Keratan Akhbar - Malaysian Art

    Keratan Akhbar - Malaysian Art

  5. .MyManuskrip

    MyManuskrip or Digital Library of Malay Manuscript enables repositories within Malaysia and those outside to participate in building and offering manuscript content as well as outputs of manuscript research such as articles, reports, theses and links to relevant sites. As such, repositories, cultural and national heritage centers, manuscript libraries and museums are invited to share and provide access to their manuscript contents and expert knowledge concerning Malay scriptorium.

  6. UM Refereed Academic Journal (eJournal@UM)


  7. Common Repository

    Common Repository

  8. Students' Repository

    Students' Repository

  9. Online Exhibition

    The University of Malaya Library maintains and preserves inspiring collections of literature, culture and history in an array of formats such as early printed books, photographs, data and many more. The Online Exhibition is a platform to display fascinating overview of the efforts made over time to preserve library and archival materials. 

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