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Digital @UMDigital Archives and Repositories


  1. University of Malaya Research Repository

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    The University of Malaya Research Repository is an Open Access digital archive containing the details of published and unpublished research work produced by the UM researchers. It has been established to provide a deposit service for the academic staff and researchers.

  2. UM Memory

    UM Memory is an initiative by the library to preserve University of Malaya valuable photos with historical context for the campus community and nation at large.

  3. Newspaper Clipping - UM in the news

    Newspaper Clipping - University of Malaya in the news - News coverage relating to University of Malaya, its staff, students and alumni that have appeared in the local, regional and national newspapers. It also provides newspaper reports and pictorial coverage of events, announcements and achievements of the University. The news are updated regularly by the library staff as featured in the public media. To make the news more accesible and organised to users, each newspaper cutting is accompanied by several subjects.

  4. Newspaper Clipping - Malaysian Art

    Newspaper Clipping - Malaysian Arts Malaysian Art, on the other hand, are news relating to events, exhibitions, artists, developments in the arts arena as reported in the local newspapers.

  5. MyManuskrip

    MyManuskrip or Digital Library of Malay Manuscript enables repositories within Malaysia and those outside to participate in building and offering manuscript content as well as outputs of manuscript research such as articles, reports, theses and links to relevant sites. As such, repositories, cultural and national heritage centers, manuscript libraries and museums are invited to share and provide access to their manuscript contents and expert knowledge concerning Malay scriptorium.

  6. UM Refereed Academic Journal (eJournal@UM)

    eJournal@UM developed by PTM, e-Journal system is an integrated publication management system which aims to collect information on the academic output of University of Malaya. It functions as a platform for lecturers, authors, editors and reviewers to collaborate and publish articles.

  7. Common Repository

    The Common Repository is an initiative by the library to preserve printed items digitally to increase accessibility, visibility as well as conserve old copies of items such as gazettes, magazines, journals and books.

  8. Students' Repository

    The Students' Repository provides an online archive for the written work of University of Malaya students such as academic exercises, dissertations and theses.

  9. Online Exhibition

    The University of Malaya Library maintains and preserves inspiring collections of literature, culture and history in an array of formats such as early printed books, photographs, data and many more. The Online Exhibition is a platform to display fascinating overview of the efforts made over time to preserve library and archival materials. 

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