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Library ServicesLoan

Open shelf collection can be borrowed by all registered members according to the Library circulation policy. Reference, journal and closed stack collection are not available for loan. Service Counter provides loans, returns, renewals and reservations services.

  1. Loan Entitlement



    Open-shelf books, Academic Reserve and free range reading can be borrowed at the service counter.

    Category of Members Open-shelf Books Academic Reserve Items Free range reading collection Late return penalty
    Academic Staff (Full-time/Temporary) 50 items/90 days 1 item/3 days 2 items / 14 days

    20 sen per day (open shelf books)

    50 sen per day (academic reserve collection)

    Academic Staff (contract) 25 items/90 days -do- -do- -do-
    Administrative & Professional Staff 25 items/90 days -do- -do- -do-
    General Staff 4 items/14 days -do- -do- -do-
    Undergraduates 10 items/14 days 1 item / 3 days 2 items / 14 days

    10 sen per day (open shelf books)

    50 sen per day (academic reserve collection)

    Undergraduates (final year) 15 items/ 14 days -do- -do- -do-
    Diploma 10 items/14 days -do- -do- -do-
    Postgraduates - Masters/Doctorate 20 items/30 days -do- -do- -do-
    External Members


    (with deposit)

    2 or 4 items/14 days 1 item/3 days 2 items / 14 days

    20 sen per day (open shelf books)

    50 sen per day (academic reserve collection)

    Professor Emeritus (UM) 20 items/90 days -do- -do- -do-
    UM Pensioners 4 items/30 days -do- -do- -do-


  2. Loan Regulations

    1. Members wishing to borrow library materials must produce their matriculation/membership card at the Service Counter.
    2. Borrowers are not permitted to borrow or renew on behalf of other members.

  3. Renewals

    Books except for Free Range Collection and Academic Reserve Colletion can be renewed three (3) times unless they have been reserved by other users. Renewals can be done by telephone, email or on-line.

    1. See Tutorial: Materials Online Renewal: Terms and Conditions

  4. Reservations

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    Books on loan may be reserved. Reservations are made at the Service Counter.

  5. Book Searches

    If an item cannot be located and is not in circulation, the staff at the reference desk will be able to assist. To obtain this service, a green search card will have to be filled. A book search would normally take 3 working days. Users will be notified when the item is found or a search is completed.

  6. Fines

    Borrowers are responsible for returning books before or on the due date. Fines will be imposed for items that are overdue.
    Category Rates
    Openshelf/books Academic Reserve Items
    All students 10 cents/day 50 cents/day
    Academic staff, Administrative staff, external members 20 cents/day 50 cents/day
    Visitors N/A 50 cents/day

  7. Charges for Books Items Not Returned

    Lost items or items not returned upon expiration of membership will be the responsibility of members. Members will be required to replace or pay twice the cost of replacing the books (based on current market value of lost items) or subject to a minimum charge of RM50/- per book for local publication and RM120/- per book for foreign publication or whichever is higher.

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