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Information Skills Session
For Post-Graduates

Creating effective search strategies for locating and using library resources. Focus on locating information, selecting the best information resources, and citing them properly.
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  1. Computer


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    The Computer Laboratory has been set up in the Library by the Centre for Information Technology and its facilities have been offered to students since July 1997. All PCs with internet connection are provided for the use of students. Computer Labs is open according to Library opening hours.

  2. Discussion rooms

    Members in need of private discussions may reserve discussion room and use on two-hourly basis. Discussion rooms located at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th level and reservations may be made at the service counter at the 1st level. It’s only for library’s registered members.

  3. Carrels

    The Library provides 55 carrels for postgraduate students, academic staff and researchers. Carrels are also especially reserved for blind students. Postgraduate students need to fill in a form and carrels are for daily use.

  4. Photocopying

    Photocopying services operated by commercial vendors are provided in the Library. There are staff-operated and self-service photocopying services. User should observe and comply with the current legislation on copyright in Malaysia.

  5. Locker

    Lockers are available for rental on a daily basis. The lockers are located in a room close to the main entrance of the library. There are 2 types of lockers:
    1. Open locker
    2. Daily rental locker (RM 0.50 per usage.)

  6. Reference Services

    Reference librarian at the reference desk will provide reference services and solve your problem related to library use.

  7. Pendeta WebPAC

    Pendeta Discovery is the Library’s integrated catalogue that allows you to:
    1. Search for all types of items in the library collections
    2. View/renew items checked out by you, status of your account, cancelled your holds by using my Account.

  8. iMalaysiana catalogue

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    iMalaysiana catalogue is the Library’s catalog which contains information about journal articles, proceedings, book chapters and Malaysian law. It only covers Malaysiana materials written by Malaysian/ published in Malaysia and related to Malaysia.

  9. Remote access to library resources

    Access to these online databases is restricted to the University of Malaya students, staff and other authorized users of the library. The barcode number given to you and the username and password listed are strictly for your own use. It is an offence to disseminate it to others. The use of each online resource is governed by the terms of the license agreements specified with the publisher or vendor. Users are requested to abide by the terms of the various agreements and copyright laws.

  10. Information skills course

    Information Skills Course teaches students how to search for information using the library IT systems and is a compulsory one credit university course. Besides promoting lifelong learning, the skills are primarily for learning and research purposes. This course will be conducted in 14 weeks which include classes, exercises, tests, projects and final examinations. The evaluation is made based on continuous assessment and final examination. Students should pass both assessments to enable them to pass this course. The result only takes into account PASS (Grade S) or FAIL (Grade U).

  11. Information skills session

    Information Skills Session is offered to all postgraduate students. These sessions are held every Wednesday and Friday. The duration of each session is two and half hours. In this session, students will be introduced to the type of materials in the library such as books, journals, theses & dissertations, conference proceedings, microforms and various search strategies to retrieve information from the library collection. Students are also introduced to the online databases subscribed by the library. Besides, library also offered End Notes Training session. To join these sessions, students can register online via UM Library website

  12. Computer laboratories

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    University of Malaya Library consist of 5 computer labs which provided computers with internet connection for usage of undergraduate (Lab A and D), postgraduate and research purpose (Lab B and C) lab for handicapped (Lab S).

  13. Computer laboratories for the handicapped


    Library provide special computer lab for the handicapped (Lab S) which consist of 6 PCs.

  14. Wi-Fi access

    Library provide access to ‘internet without wire” or Wi-Fi to users who use laptop or tools which able to access the Wi-Fi signal. Registration can be made at UM Centre for Information Technology. Registration form can be downloaded at

  15. Reading areas


    Reading facilities are available on every floor of the Library. Uses are advised to leave library books on trolleys after usage. Please do not attempt to shelve these books. Shelving items in the wrong places will result in serious retrieval problems.

  16. Book drop

    Located at the back of library (near Baguz café). You can drop your books and it is collected twice a day.

  17. Microfilm/microfiche

    This collection consists of local newspapers, historical collection, ERIC’s document and thesis in form of microfilm and microfiche. These materials can be read by using microfilm and microfiche reader provided in the library.

  18. Inter library loan services

    If you need materials that not available in the library collection, library will request the materials from other local university libraries and government or semi-government institutions. There are no charges for this service but the borrowers are responsible for the cost charged by the supplier institutions or cost of damage or lost of the materials. The services are only provided for academic staff, postgraduate student and final year undergraduate student. Online application can be made through “interactive Portal” at “Publication Supply”.

  19. Document delivery services


    The Library provides document delivery services whereby journal articles, book chapters, conference papers which is not available in our collection will be obtained from external sources. This service is extended to all Faculty members, postgraduate students and final year undergraduate students. Online request can be made through “interaktif@Portal” via “Publication Supply”. For further information, kindly refer to UM Library website (

  20. Academic Reserve Collection

    Academic Reserve Collection consists of text book, suggested by lecturer for their students.

  21. Free Range Reading Collection (Blue Spot)

    It is light novel, readying collection such as motivational, biography and others written in English or Malay language. It placed facing service counters at level 1, Central Library.

  22. Theses Collection

    Theses submitted to University of Malaya by students and staff of University Malaya located at this collection. Theses from National University of Singapore also available at this collection.

  23. Digital Corner

    This unit has 20 PCs with thin client. It located at ground floor of Central Library.

  24. Self Charging Machine

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    Central Library has two Self Charging Machine. Student s can charge their book on their own. They must keep the receipt for reference.

  25. TV Corner (TV)

    You can relax and watch CNN and discovery channel.

  26. Media Collection

    Audio visual material is kept in library.

  27. News Paper

    Central Library has these newspapers:
    1. Malay mail
    2. Kosmo
    3. Utusan Malaysia
    4. Berita Harian
    5. News Straits Times
    6. The Star
    7. Nanyang Siang Pau
    8. Sin Chew Daily
    9. Malaysia Nanban
    10. Tamil Nesan

  28. Reservation of books at counter

    Books on loan can be reserved at the counter. For books currently on loan, members may request reservation for these items. For reservation, please bring along your member card, call number and the title of the item at the Service Counter. Upon the return of these requested items, members will be notified.

  29. Guided library tour (visitors/students)

    We conduct guided library tour for local and foreign visitors.

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