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Information Skills Session
For Post-Graduates

Creating effective search strategies for locating and using library resources. Focus on locating information, selecting the best information resources, and citing them properly.
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Library ServicesMembership

  1. Internal Membership

    Categories of users:
    1. Full-time and part-time teaching staff of the University
    2. All registered students of the University;
    3. Non-academic staff of the University; and
    4. Supporting staff of the University; and
    5. Serving members of the University Council and its Sub-Committees.

    1. See Library Services: External Membership: Introduction

  2. External Membership

    1. Membership (Non- Alumni)
    2. Corporate membership
    3. Retired staff of the University

    1. See Library Services: Services Forms: Individual External Membership Form

  3. Short-Term Access To The Library

    The following categories may be allowed to use the Library for referance only, upon acceptance of their written applications:
    1. Part-time research assistants to UM academic staff;
    2. Visiting scholars and researchers
    3. Senior Malaysian government officers who are undertaking research.
    4. Staff of Government Departments and Statutory Bodies
    5. Academic staff, postgraduate students and undergraduates students of private Universities**
    6. Members of public **
    **RM20.00 will be charge per day ( reference only)

    The Library may at its discretion, permit other persons other occasional use of the Library with no payment.

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