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Knowing Your LibraryT.J. Danaraj Library

  1. Introduction

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    Established in 1963, the T.J. Danaraj Medical Library serves the teaching, learning and research needs of the academic staff, undergraduate students, postgraduate students and researchers of the Faculty of Medicine as well as the needs of the nursing students, clinicians and professional staff of the University of Malaya Medical Centre which is the teaching hospital of the University of Malaya. The Library was named as the T.J. Danaraj Medical Library on 5 May 2005 in memory of Tan Sri Datuk Emeritus Professor T.J. Danaraj who was the first dean and responsible for the setting up of the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital (now known as University of Malaya Medical Centre).

  2. Location

    The T.J. Danaraj Medical Library is located between the Gaharu and Kenanga Lecture Theatres on the 1st Floor of the Pre-Clinical Block, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya.

  3. Collection

    T. J. Danaraj Medical Library collections comprise of textbooks, monographs, journals, thesis and conference papers in medical and health sciences. There are also books and journal titles in electronic format accessible via Electronic Databases.

    Information about the Medical Collection is available via Pendeta Discovery (Online Public Access Catalogue). In compliance with international practice, the Medical Library uses the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Classification Scheme and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in cataloguing and classification works.

    • General Collection
      The general collection which consist of textbooks and monographs in medicine and health sciences are acquired by the Medical Library to support the needs of learning, teaching and research of Faculty of Medicine and University of Malaya Medical Centre.
    • Academic Reserves Collection
      A small but vital collection of textbooks recommended by lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine for reading and reference purpose by students are kept at the service counter for 24 hours loan at any one time.
    • Malaysiana Collection
      A copy of every monograph and journal pertaining to medicine and health in Malaysia is kept as a closed-stack collection in the Malaysiana collection.
    • Reference Collection
      Important reference sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories and resource guides to research in the fields of medicine, health, nursing and other reference sources such as annual reports and statistical reports are made available to library users in the reference section.
    • Theses Collection
      This collection consists of Ph.D and Masters theses of postgraduate students from the Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya and the National University of Singapore.
    • CD-ROM/DVD Collection
      This collection consists of CD-ROM and DVD on various aspects of the Medical Sciences to support learning and teaching in the Faculty of Medicine. Request for use may be made at the service counter.
    • Free Range Reading Collection
      It comprises of light reading materials which is initiated to ensure that medical students have access to reading materials that are not exclusively medical in nature and orientation including novels, biographies, plays and poetry, books on the fine art, hobbies and current affairs.
    • Electronic Databases
      See here.

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