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Knowing Your LibraryUM Archive

  1. Introduction

    The history of the University of Malaya Archive begins in 1989 following the response from the reunion and exhibition for the Fortieth Anniversary of the Founding of University of Education and Singapore (FAFUEMAS) which was held in November 1989. The Library was tasked with the exhibition, encompassing the history of University of Malaya from 1949-1989, backdating to its predecessors from 1905.

    The inspiration towards the establishment of the archive arises from the difficulty of the Library in acquiring exhibition materials due to their unavailability or incompleteness within the University collection. At the time, the Library would have to borrow and make copies of the borrowed items in the effort to successfully hold the FAFUEMAS exhibition. The materials collected for that exhibition, which comes in various formats became the keystone of the University of Malaya Archive collection.

    At the beginning of the compilation, materials were housed at the Bahagian Koleksi Kebangsaan di Perpustakaan Utama. Prior to that, other archived materials within the Library’s collection, such as the University of Malaya Annual Reports were classified with the Call Number LG on the shelves. These materials were then placed under a special collection. However, the Library later found that the archived materials had mixed together with the Official Publication Collection and needed to be separated.

    In the 1990s, the University of Malaya Archived Collection was established at the Za’ba Memorial Library. The Collection includes printed and non-printed materials related to the University of Malaya in various formats.

    Beginning 1st July 2014, the Archive Unit was established at the Za’ba Memorial Library to collocate the University archive collection.

  2. Location

    The University of Malaya Archive is located at the 5th Floor of the Za’ba Memorial Library, University of Malaya.

  3. Collection

    The University of Malaya Archive contains printed and non-printed materials with historical value related to the University of Malaya. The following are resources available in the collection: University Bulletin, Annual Reports, books, journals, photos, CDs (containing project reports, academic exercises, dissertation, thesis, etc.), AV materials, trophies, costumes, scientific drawings, files and invitations.

    Aside from that, the University of Malaya Archive also manages the Institutional Repositories, such as the University of Malaya Research Repository which collates research articles produced by the University community; the Students’ Repository, which house the project reports, dissertations and theses produced by the students and staff, as well as the UM Memory which house a collection of historical photographs from the establishment of University of Malaya in Singapore until now.

  4. Services

    The Archive Collection is for internal reference only. Access to the collection is only during office hours (8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.) at a designated area provided at the University of Malaya Archive, Level 5, Za’ba Memorial Library. Items with sensitive contents can only be referred to with an approval letter granted by the University of Malaya.

    The Institutional Repositories can be accessed through the URL below:

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