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On 18 June 1999, the Law Library was named as Tan Sri Professor Ahmad Ibrahim Law Library (Perpustakaan Undang-Undang Tan Sri Profesor Ahmad Ibrahim) in appreciation of his contributions to the Faculty of Law and the Law Library University of Malaya.

Since its inception in 1959, the Central Library began acquiring legal materials and these were incorporated into the general collection together with texts of the other disciplines. However, with the setting up of the Faculty of Law in 1972, which happens to be the first law school in the country, the legal resources were shifted to the newly erected Law Library situated adjacent to the Law School.


More details about borrowing policy of Ahmad Ibrahim Law Library, refer to the Table of Borrowing Privilege:


Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)


Malaysiana Collection

Local legal readings of Malaysia, written by Malaysians and published locally or abroad, comprise both primary and secondary sources such as legal, legal cases, government news, parliamentary debates, textbooks, and past year exam papers.

text book collection

Textbooks cover a wide range of legal topics and jurisdictions are organized by topic code. Topic codes are displayed for user guides.

free range reading collection

The materials in this collection consist of light reading material including fiction, general knowledge, health, psychology and motivation.

braille collection

There are nearly 300 titles in Braille format that for blind student.

Reference Collection

This collection can be used only in the Library. The collection consists of reference books such as encyclopedia, dictionary, guidebook, Halsbury, digest, maxim, yearbook, abstract, “citators” and index.

Commonwealth & Non-Commonwealth Law Reports

The collection comprises court cases from various commonwealth countries including India, Pakistan, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.encyclopedia, dictionary, guidebook, Halsbury, digest, maxim, yearbook, abstract, “citators” and index.

close access collection

This collection is accessible to Library staff only. It consists of theses and dissertations, scientific exercises, published conference papers, unpublished papers and loose-leaf materials .

Journal collection

A collection of bound and current non-local journals is housed here. The journals are organized by title and the list of journals is kept at the Counter Service, Ground Floor

Academic reserve collection

This collection is placed in conjunction with the Closed Access Collection. It is a reading list suggested by the lecturer for student reference and can be borrowed for a period of three (3) days.

international law collection

Resources relating to agreements and materials relating to international court and tribunal legislation, official documentation and scholarly articles in international law, including publications and journals as well as information on United Nation research, textbooks and publications .

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