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interlibrary loan & document supply services

What is Publication Supply Service ?

Publication Supply Service is a service whereby user can make a request to borrow books or receive documents from another library when the required material is unavailable at University of Malaya Library. This service is offered through Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service (books) and Document Supply Service (article journal, book chapter and conference paper).

UM Library Publication Supply (Temporary request form during MCO)

Who Can Request ?

  • UM’s Academician | 30 Free quota per year
  • UM’s Postgraduate students (PhD) | 20 Free quota per year
  • UM’s Postgraduate students (Master) | 10 Free quota per year
  • UM’s Undergraduate students (Final year ) | 6 Free quota per year

Any additional request above this free quota is subjected to payment as billed by supplying libraries. If you have exceeded the quota of free request, subsequent request are charged as below :


Local Institution


Document Charges
  • RM20.00
  • Supplier charges


Loan Charges
  • RM50.00 + RM10.00 Processing Fee
  • RM10.00 Renewal

International Institution


Document Charges
  • National University of Singapore (NUS) | SD15.00 (1st 10 pages)+ SD3.00 for 10 additional pages + supplier charges
  • British Library | Supplier charges


Postal Charges
  • National University of Singapore (NUS) | RM50.00
  • British Library | RM100.00
  • Payment upon collection


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