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Established in 1963, the T.J. Danaraj Medical Library serves the teaching, learning and research needs of the academic staff, undergraduate students, postgraduate students and researchers of the Faculty of Medicine as well as the needs of the nursing students, clinicians and professional staff of the University of Malaya Medical Centre which is the teaching hospital of the University of Malaya. The Library was named as the T.J. Danaraj Medical Library on 5 May 2005 in memory of Tan Sri Datuk Emeritus Professor T.J. Danaraj who was the first dean and responsible for the setting up of the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital (now known as University of Malaya Medical Centre).​


The number of materials that can be borrowed at the TJ Danaraj Medical Library varies by user category. Please refer to the information below to find out the total number of material can be borrowed at a time. Do let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, please refer to any TJ Danaraj Library’s staff.


Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)
Phase one of National Recovery Plan (PPN)


General Collection

General collection or also known as the open-stack collection is a collection consists of textbooks and monograph collection in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing fields. General collection can be borrowed. Please refer to the borrowing and returning policy to check the total number of materials that you can borrow at one time.

CD-ROM/DVD Collection

This collection consists of CD-ROM and DVD on various aspects of the Medical Sciences to support learning and teaching in the Faculty of Medicine. Request for use may be made at the service counter.

Malaysiana Collection

Malaysiana collection at the University of Malaya is defined as (i) Books about Malaysia published locally or overseas, (ii) Books/Conference papers/Journal articles written by Malaysian and (iii) Books/Journals/Conference proceedings published in Malaysia regardless of the contents. The collection development adheres to materials that are scholarly and academic in nature. Whilst the acquiring of books is particularly in the areas of Malay language, literature and culture, journal articles and conference papers follow a much wider scope. In TJ Danaraj Library, all Malaysiana Collection is kept as a closed-stack collection.

Academic Reserves Collection

Academic reserves collection is a special collection developed based on the recommendation by the lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine. The collection is consist of reference books, textbook and many more. The collection is kept at the service counter. Please refer to the service counter staff to refer to the collection.

Reference Collection

As a research library, it is necessary for the TJ Danaraj library to provide a comprehensive reference collection for our users. Reference collection in TJ Danaraj is consists of reference material related to Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and dentistry. The reference collection in the library is including dictionaries, encyclopedia, handbook, directories, annual reports, statistic and many more. The collection is a closed-stack collection.

Theses Collection

This collection consists of Ph.D. and Master Theses from the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Malaya and the National University of Singapore. Users can either refer to the for a digital version of the theses or visit the library to refer to the printed version of the theses. All printed version theses are kept as closed-stack and users can only refer to one thesis at a time.

Free Range Reading Collection

It comprises of light reading materials which is initiated to ensure that medical students have access to reading materials that are not exclusively medical in nature and orientation including novels, biographies, plays and poetry, books on the fine art, hobbies and current affairs.

Electronic Databases

To download articles journal, e-book, and e-journal, users need to login to the A-Z Online Databases to access our electronic database. There are more than 20 databases subscribe by the University of Malaya Library that associated with medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and dentistry. The electronic database can access via campus network and remote access from outside campus.


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