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Information Skills Session
For Post-Graduates

Creating effective search strategies for locating and using library resources. Focus on locating information, selecting the best information resources, and citing them properly.
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Central LibraryInformation Skills Division


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Our Commitment

Our primary aim is to provide optimum service that satisfies the research needs of the many people who use the Library in a manner which is efficient, reliable, consistent and courteous. We are committed to ensuring that through the information skills programmes that are conducted for all levels of users, our users will be equipped with basic skills for independent and life-long learning.

Service Profile

The Information Skills Division offers information skills and user education programmes for undergraduates, postgraduates and Academic Staff. Our programmes include:

  • GXEX1401 Information Skills Course. This is a compulsory course for all undergraduates. Students are taught skills which will be of use for their learning and research.
  • Information Skills sessions for postgraduates. These 2 hour sessions are held at least twice weekly. Students will be alerted to the wide range of information sources in the library especially the electronic sources such as the online databases.
  • Consultancy sessions for PhD. Students and Academic Staff. In this individual consultancy sessions, researchers will be guided to the information sources in the library pertaining to their specific area of research.
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The librarians

Mrs. Maziah Salleh
Deputy Chief Librarian
Tel.: +603-7967 3301
Mrs. Noraslinda Haji Sanusi
Tel.: +603-7967 3384
Mrs. Lisdar Abdul Wahid
Tel.: +603-7967 3302
Mrs Annur Thahirah Abdul Hadi
Tel.: +603-7967 3302
Mr. Azrizal Ismail
Tel.: +603-7967 7097
Ms Aimi Ihsan binti Zaidi
Tel.: +603-7967 3384
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The views expressed in the contents are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of The University of Malaya Library.

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