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What is the library opening hours?

The Central Library, Ahmad Ibrahim Library and TJ Danaraj Library are open Mon – Fri: 8 am – 10.30 pm; Sat – Sun: 9 am – 4.00 pm. Click here for details.

Can I use the Online Database?

The UM Library online database are protected by strict licensing regulations and therefore are for the use of our registered UM staff and students only.

Can I use the library ‘s PC to surf the internet?
You can only use the dedicated Library PCs to search the Library catalogue (Pendeta Discovery)

Is guided tour available?
Guided tour can be arranged by contacting the Client Services Division at (+603) 7956 7800.

As a former student, Can I be a library member? 
You may use the Library on a daily basis by paying RM20.00 per day.

I am private college/University Student. Can I use the UM Library?
You may use the Library on a daily basis by paying RM20.00 per day.

Can I borrow book(s) at any Library?
Borrowing privilege is subjected to the individual Library policy.

How long can I borrow a book?
Borrowing privileges depend on user categories and item type. Refer to loan entitlement table.

How many books can I borrow?
Borrowing privileges depend on user categories and item type. Refer to loan entitlement table.

Where can I return a book?
Books must be returned at the Service Counter or through the book drop.

Can I return books at any Library?
Books can be returned at any Library except those from the Academic Reserve Collection.

How do I renew a book?
Book can be renewed via Pendeta Discovery. If you encounter problems, get assistance from the Reference Librarian at (603) 7956 7800.

What is a library PIN?
PIN is Personal Identification Number. Until you change it, your PIN is 1234

How do I reserve borrowed book?
Borrowed book can be reserved at the Service Counter.

What is the charge for late return/overdue book?
Late return/overdue charge for open shelf book is MYR 0.50 per day (for students) and MYR 0.50 per day (for staff and external members). The charge for Academic Reserve book is MYR 0.50 per day.

How do I use the library catalogue?
For beginner try using the “Quick Search” by entering your keywords and hit the “Words or Phrase” button.

Where do I get the microform collection?
Request for microform can be made at the Client Services office during office hour.

Where should I go when I need help doing research?
Ask at the Reference Desk! A Librarian is available to help you most hours the Library is open.

My lecturers tell me that course references are kept at “Koleksi Teras Akademik”. Where is this located?
Some materials used for courses are kept at the “Koleksi Teras Akademik” Section behind the Service Counter. These collection are available to all the students in your class. Pick-up the books that you needed from the shelf and borrow the book using the self-check machine provided inside the collection area.

How do I look for relevant material on the Internet?
There are many ways to search for material on the Internet. But the simplest way to start with is by using any available search engines such as google scholar, yahoo and others.

I can’t find the book I need on the shelves, yet the Catalogue shows it’s not being borrowed.
First, check that you are at the correct shelf.

If you are at the correct shelf, check that you are at the correct place in the sequence. Books at the same number are then shelved alphabetically by the 3 or more letters following the number. Look along the shelf and above and below – even behind – as a book can be removed then replaced incorrectly.

The book may be in a reshelving area or another student may be using it within the library. Please refer to the reference desk for help if you are still unable to locate it.

How do I find journal articles?
You have to check the availability of the journal issue using Pendeta Discovery or A-Z Online Databases for the electronic format.

What is A-Z online databases?
A-Z Online databases is a searchable electronic index of published, reliable resources. Databases provide access to a wealth of useful research materials from academic journals, newspapers, and magazines. Some databases also include e-books, relevant Web resources, and various multimedia.

What online databases are available?
List of databases subscribed by library is available here.

How can I get articles from journals not subscribed by the Library?
You can get a photocopy of the articles by requesting via online document supply form. Click here for more information about this service.

What is an Inter Library Loan service?
When the Library does not hold a book that you need. University of Malaya academic staff and postgraduate students can request for this service. The Library will endeavor to obtain this item from another library. Click here for more details.

How do I borrow books from other libraries in Malaysia?
This service is only for academic staffs and postgraduate students. Request can be made via online services form available here.

How will I know when my Inter Library Loan request has arrived?
You will be notified via the registered email by the person in charge of ILL. Books need to be collected from the Client Services Division.

What if I want to go to other university libraries and borrow books?
University of Malaya staff and postgraduate students are eligible to borrow materials from PERPUN participating institutions by using SPP (Sistem Pembekalan Penerbitan) form which is available from the Client Services Division.

Does the Library allow photocopying of items?
Yes and you are subject to the provision of the Malaysian Copyright Act 1987.

What photocopying facilities are available?
The photocopiers in the Library are available in the following methods of operation: Self-operated machine (using prepaid photocopy card) or photocopy operators. Photocopy cards can be bought from the photocopy operators at each station.

What collections are available at Za’ba Memorial Library?
Za’ba Memorial Library is a 5 storey building which consists of Malaysiana, special and personal collection in Level 1 to Level 3; East Asian Library in Level 4; Archive and Indian Studies collection in Level 5.

What is Malaysiana , Special Collection and archive?
Malaysiana collection comprises publications such as Malaysian history, economy, local research, politics, social and culture. Items such as books, journals, magazines, conference papers on Malaysia or its people published locally or abroad and not restricted to the language used or the period of publication are part of the Malaysiana collection.

Special collections are early printed, rare books or personal collection acquired either through purchase or generous donations from scholars and other individuals. These resources will serve as a source of learning and research for the campus community. These materials are kept in closed stacks for preservation and users are allowed reference facilities at the designated reading areas. These include collection from the late Tan Sri Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad in the areas of Malay studies, including his personal letters (Za’ba Collection), Ungku Abdul Aziz an economist and a former Vice-Chancellor of University of Malaya (Ungku Aziz Collection), a Malay nationalist lbrahim Ya’kob (lbrahim Ya’kob Collection), Father Pintado collection of books during the Portuguese and Dutch colonization. Some examples of the Special Collections.

The Archive Unit collects and preserves University publications on related historical materials that include paper correspondence, annual reports, minutes and reports, photographs, film, audio and video recordings and other electronic files.

What are the opening hours?
Please refer here for the opening hours of Za’ba Memorial Library.

Why isn’t Special Collections open as many hours as the Central library or other branch libraries?
Because most of our materials are rare and often only one copy is available, our staff must be at service desk at all times when researchers are using the collections. The large number of staff required means that we cannot be open as many hours as the rest of the libraries.

How do I find out what’s in Za’ba Memorial Library collection?
Basically all the collections are represented by bibliographic records available in Pendeta Discovery and users or interested parties should begin any search there.

It may also be helpful to email us or come by to talk to a Librarian at Za’ba Library.

Can anyone view this material?
You are welcome to use Za’ba Memorial Library collection if you already hold a University of Malaya staff/student card. If you do not have one, or you would like any further guidance about access then please contact us directly by email at , or telephone on +603-7956 7800.

Are PPZ collection available for loan?
PPZ is a reference library. Collections can only be referred within the library premise.

How can I get reproductions of your materials? How much does it cost? How long does it take?
We can generally provide scans, photographs, or photocopies, though some items are too fragile to copy, and in some cases we are prevented from making copies by contractual agreements with donors or by copyright considerations. Requests may be made in person, by phone, or by email and the turnaround time varies based on size of order, format and condition of the originals. For more information on reproductions, please contact us at

Do you accept books, manuscripts, documents, and other items as gifts?
Although we gratefully accept gifts and donations, if you wish to donate documents, personal papers, photographs, recordings, films or other materials, it is recommended that you discuss the gift with us first.

What is the role of Liaison Librarian?
Liaison Librarians liaise with academic departments, helping to identify resource needs and working directly with faculty.

How to recommend a new book for Library acquisition?
Before you recommend a new book, please check Pendeta Discovery. We might already have this book, or it might be on order. Forward your recommendation to the Liaison Librarian for your Faculty.
Materials for the libraries’ collections are selected principally by the faculty members and Librarians. However, anyone may suggest items to be considered for purchase subject to faculty’s or librarian’s approval.

How long will it take to get the book(s) I have requested for purchase?
It is difficult to predict how long it will take to get an individual book: one particular rush title and published locally may arrive in a week or two; another may take six months particularly those published overseas. The major academic book suppliers with whom we work can be slow: It may take three to four months to receive a title once ordered, and that is without any particular problems that might understandably cause delay. Please also note that once we have received a book, it generally takes a week for it to be cataloged, labeled, and subsequently made ready for borrowing.

How to check the status of a specific ordered book?
You may check Pendeta Discovery for the status.

Do you send out a list of all newly cataloged books?
The list of recently acquired titles in the Library is displayed under What’s New in Pendeta Discovery.

I am a researcher. How should I acquire materials using my research grant/vote?
Refer to the procedure and fill up the form which is available at the UM Library website.

If I purchased a book using my own money for the teaching or research purposes, can I get reimbursement from the Library?
Yes, the book will make available as the Library collection. Reimbursements claims may be submitted to the Acquisition Division together with the book and official receipt.

How do I submit a request for a journal?
Please check Pendeta Discovery to determine whether the journal is already available at UM Library. Also note that many journals are now available in full text online via A-Z Online Databases. Journal requests go through a careful evaluation process because, once established, they represent an ongoing financial commitment to the Library’s operating budget.

Why doesn’t the Library have these titles in its collection? They are the most basic works in my field.
The bulk of our collection reflects the needs of past UM curricula; to develop the most relevant collection, we rely on faculty members’ expertise to assist the library in identifying which areas are weak, what’s missing, and what may be weeded from the collection. Please share your expertise with your Liaison Librarian , and together we can maintain and continually develop a collection that supports the instructional and research programs of the institution.

Can the Library replace missing and damaged items?
We try to replace missing and damaged items when we can – depending on the Library budget and the availability of the items (many of the books are out-of-print).

I would like to donate books to the Library. How should I proceed?
The Library solicits and welcomes gifts of books, journals, and items in other formats, as well as gifts of money for the purchase of the library materials. Donated materials are evaluated by Librarian who determines items the library will add to the collection. Anyone wishing to make a donation should get in touch with the Head of the Acquisition Division.

I donated my book to the UM Library; where is it?
Check Pendeta Discovery for an entry. If you do not find it there, you may check with the Acquisition Division.

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