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Information Skills Session
For Post-Graduates

Creating effective search strategies for locating and using library resources. Focus on locating information, selecting the best information resources, and citing them properly.
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Central LibraryIntroduction


Established in 1959, the Central Library sits in the middle of the University Campus. It is a four storey building with a floor space of 17,372 square meters.

Service Counters, Self Charging Machines, Reference Desks, Free Range Readings and satellite TV (ASTRO) occupy the Ground Floor while Second Floor is set aside for Current Journals, Theses and Dissertations Collection, Pendeta Discovery terminals and study area. Third Floor is reserved for bound journals and reference hall while the fourth floor accommodates the Media Collection and bound journals. Second and above floors, similarly, shelve most of the library’s collection.

Full seating capacity is 1,608 and there are altogether 53 daily carrels with 21 set aside for the visually impaired. The Central Library also has 5 computer labs ie. Lab A, Lab B, Lab C, Lab D and Lab S as well as computer facilities at every floor. Information skills programes are held in Lab C and D to educate users on the effective method of information searching using IT tools in the library.

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